Group Therapy

Group therapy is regarded as having the highest efficacy for recovery in many complex mental health diagnoses and serves as the foundation for our 3-Week, 6-Week, and 12-Week Interdisciplinary Day Treatment Programs.

Group therapy for Traumatic Psychological Injuries involves several mechanisms that offer benefit and effectiveness beyond those provided by an individual format.  For those people who have experienced a single debilitating event or who have endured many years of continued traumatic experiences group therapy is both activating and containing.  The group is directed by a skilled clinician who facilitates the treatment process.

Clients with chronic or complex trauma are often socially isolated and have difficulty trusting others. Groups provide a safe, therapeutic environment for clients to become socially connected to others. This also creates an opportunity to build trust and can be an emotionally corrective experience.

Group treatment also offers an opportunity to normalize symptoms by engaging with others who have similar experiences. For instance, clients with histories of trauma can struggle with intense emotions and symptoms such as dissociation, hyper arousal, and re-experiencing.  This makes group work very containing and effective as a treatment.

To determine whether a Healthworx Group Therapy Program might be appropriate treatment for a particular injury or individual, please give us a call.