Choosing The Right Program

Choosing the Right Program

Choosing the right program can seem daunting. It is very important to choose the right services, program and the right team to ensure the most effective and lasting recovery.  We have provided the following list of questions to aid you in learning how to choose a good service, program or treatment provider. 

To determine and find the best treatment services we have provided the following questions to consider:

  1. Is the organizations primary goal to find the right treatment, programs or services for you…even if those services are not their own?
  2. Have services been designed specifically for Traumatic Psychological Injury and their related challenges?
  3. Are the clinicians specifically trained and experienced with Traumatic Psychological Injury?
  4. Does the program provide comprehensive assessment to ensure the right treatment is provided at the right time?
  5. Does the program offer multiple therapy and clinical treatment pathway options?
  6. In addition to individual therapy, does the program offer a range of groups to meet your needs? Such as:
  • 3-Week Interdisciplinary Day Treatment Program
  • 6-Week Interdisciplinary Day Treatment Program
  • 12-Week Interdisciplinary Day Treatment Program
  • Cognitive Behavioral 6-Week Evening Program
  • Dialectical Behavioral 6-Week Evening Program
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy 12-Week Evening Program
  • Family Group Programs
  • Women’s Trauma Support Group
  • Men’s Trauma Support Group
  1. Does the program provide a range of multidisciplinary clinicians (Psychiatry, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Family Counselling, Social Work and Coaching)?
  2. Does the organization and its team know how to assist you to navigate government, insurance, sponsors and legal systems?
  3. Does the organization have a well-established clinical network to ensure all your treatment needs are met by the most experienced and qualified professionals?