Our Philosophy

We believe that trauma treatment is a very specific, nuanced field in which even the most minute differences in delivery, or in the pairing between client and the facilitator, can produce substantially different outcomes for clients.

At Healthworx we take these minute differences very seriously which is why we focus on only the highest, most specialized programs delivered by only the most skilled facilitators.

We know trauma is treatable and that with time and work, people do recover fully.

We believe that healing a psychological injury is much like healing a physical one. Both require assessment, treatment, hard work, and most of all time to be healed.  What is not commonly known, however, is that following recovery, even with a psychological injury the injured area can come back stronger than before.  We know this because we see countless examples of it each and every day even in the most extreme cases.  In fact, research shows that 90% of those who have experienced traumatic psychological injuries and have participated in treatment achieve what we and others call Post-Traumatic Growth. 

We believe that Trauma can and should be more easily compared to a physical injury (such as a broken arm) where assessment and treatment are always needed – but with time and effort almost all individuals can recover full functionality and even be stronger than before.